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get married in belgium

Five reasons to get married in Belgium

Looking for a unique place to celebrate your wedding? Consider to get married in Belgium! It may be a small country, but Belgium is full of hidden gems.
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    Looking for a unique place to celebrate your wedding? Consider to get married in Belgium! It may be a small country, but Belgium is full of hidden gems. From a fairytale wedding in a romantic castle to an industrial wedding in a factory building. Belgium has a wide range of locations to offer for your dream wedding. But there’s so much more! In this blog we listed five reasons why you should get married in Belgium.

    The accessibility

    The first reason to get married in Belgium is the approachability. I’m sure you would like all of your friends and family to be present on the most important day of your life. Thanks to its central location in Europe, Belgium is the perfect location to celebrate your international wedding. Belgium is located south of the Netherlands, west of Germany, north of France and just a hop away from the UK. This country has a high accessibility to invite all your foreign guests over without too much fuss. Another advantage of getting married in Belgium: you’ll never have to drive hours and hours to reach your wedding venue. What a relief!

    The unique wedding venues

    We can all agree that the best weddings are the ones that are unique and one of a kind. For this reason, you should choose a unique location that amazes your guests. After all, your wedding venue is the first impression your guests will get. Luckily, Belgium has a lot to offer regarding unique wedding locations. Whether you’d like a romantic wedding in a castle, a rough industrial wedding in an old factory or a cosy barn wedding in a shed. Belgium is known to have it all! You’ll find a wide variety of wedding venues to host a dream wedding that suits your personality perfectly. Your guests will be blown away from the moment they arrive till they leave the door. Still looking for the perfect Belgian wedding venue? In previous blogs, we listed the most unique wedding locations at West-Flanders and East-Flanders.

    get married in belgium
    Photo credits: Studio Loupe Photography

    The food & drinks

    The third reason to get married in Belgium, is the refined cuisine. For some couples good quality food and drinks are high on the list, and with good reason. After all, dinner time is an important part of your wedding day and something your guests will definitely remember. Serving your guests a delicious cuisine will therefore give them a positive experience! Fortunately, Belgians are known to be ‘Burgundians’ (aka Bourgondiërs). They feel like dinner is a sacred time to enjoy a delightful meal in good company. For instance, they love to take their time and have an extensive multi-course dinner with a nice glass of wine. But let’s not forget about the lovely Belgian beers, that are known to be the best in the world. To finish your dinner on a good note, you could serve a dessert made with authentic Belgian chocolate. As Obama once said: “It’s easy to love a country famous for chocolate and beer”. Let’s say we agree on this one!

    The vibrant cities

    Belgium is a country filled with vibrant surprises and an inevitable part of every traveller’s bucket list. From beautiful big cities, beaches, amusement parks, historic sites, to chocolates and dining venues… Belgium and its beautiful cities has something to offer for everyone. The following famous cities are perfect to visit if you and your guests are staying over for a couple of days!


    While talking about vibrant cities in Belgium, the capital city Brussels cannot be missed. Located in the heart of Belgium (and Europe), it’s even called the Captital of Europe. Brussels is also called the city that never sleeps. Besides the vibrant city life, you and your guests could visit famous attractions including the iconic Grand-place, the bronze statue Manneken Pis and the famous ‘balls of steel’, also known as the Atomium.


    The second town we recommend to visit is Bruges, a city that will truly capture your heart! In fact, this is one of the most charming cities if you want to get married in Belgium. It’s a picturesque city that looks straight out of a fairy tale and attracts visitors with its medieval charm. Bruges is namely characterized by amazing scenic views, canals, cobblestone streets, and splendid architecture. Moreover, the city has some renowed tourist spots like its historic center, the iconic Belfry of Bruges and the Church of our Lady.


    Last but not least, the romantic city Ghent. This city is known for numerous architectural masterpieces that offer a treat to the eyes. The Gothic St. Bavo’s Cathedral, the Belfry, and the marvellous Gravensteen Castle are must-visit places in Ghent. It’s perfect to take a walk and explore the beauty of the city as the centre is a pedestrian zone. Are you getting married in winter? Visit the cosy Christmas Market which will be a total delight to your eyes. It’s often seen as one of the best Christmas Markets in Belgium!

    get married in belgium
    Photo credits: Tom Leuntjens Photography

    The quiet nature

    The last reason to get married in Belgium, is the beautiful nature. Maybe you like a more quiet and rural place to celebrate your love. Or maybe you’re a real nature lover that loves to be surrounded by lots of greens. If you think: yup, thats me! Then you should consider a wedding venue located in the beautiful green Ardennes of Belgium. Spa for example is one of the best towns in Belgium to unwind. This popular tourist hub is located in the valley of Ardennes mountains. The beautiful nature and the renowned thermal baths makes this the perfect location for you and your guests to sit back and relax.

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    get married in belgium

    Five reasons to get married in Belgium

    Looking for a unique place to celebrate your wedding? Consider to get married in Belgium! It may be a small country, but Belgium is full of hidden gems.

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